Abstract Paintings | Commissioned art in clients homes.

Large Abstract Painting in Home Interior

My approach to painting commissions is to keep the client updated and satisfied with their painting.

Ideas as to what size and colour schemes to use in the painting are discussed. 

Certain themes and tones that you are drawn to help make it a customized fit for your living space.

Once an idea is decided upon these projects require an initial deposit to start your commissioned painting.

Deposit required to start is 40% of final cost of the commissioned painting. 

For large art,  making of stretched canvas and painting process can take up to 2 weeks. 

At delivery of your painting the balance of payment is due.  

I have completed custom paintings  for out-of-city clients where the artwork is couriered to another city.

Paintings created from commissioned work and in clients home environment .

commissioned sunflower painting in clients home

Large  commissioned painting of sunflowers in setting.

sunflower painting commission in artist studio

 Commissioned Sunflower Painting in Studio.

Acrylics on canvas - Size 2,0 x 1,5m

abstract paintings in clients homes
Commissioned Paintings 

Some large paintings on canvas created on commission.

Size - 3,6 x 1,7m

abstract paintings in clients home

Large abstract paintings on location

abstract paintings in clients home holland

Art in clients living area.

view of abstract painting in clients home holland

 Paintings in Holland 2

Paintings in Holland 3 

my abstract paintings on exhibition port elizabeth

Artworks on past exhibition - 

Cuyler Street Gallery 

Port Elizabeth

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 International buyers, art available through Saatchi Art.

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