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Photography Art Print Portrait

' Sunshine On A Cloudy Day '

Photo art print ready for shipping.

To view and purchase these artworks;  see my Saatchi Art portfolio.

Artist  Statement 


 Many forms of visual art have interested me. I have worked in ceramics and fused-glass, now abstract paintings and digital art photography for print.

Abstract painting is a favourite form of expression. I enjoy the immediacy of applying paint to canvas . These actions often start off swift and sub-conscious. A sense of tone and balance is worked on in the end process.

The theme of travel and place seems to permeate some of my artwork.

Discovering digital art offers fresh ways to express these themes. Composite images, painting, drawing and layered techniques open to new interpretation.

The various printing substrates enhances the tactile and visual appeal.

       My digital art  photography is available as prints.  

Recent insights and stories on my art BLOG

In 2006 I featured on SABC 3 television art and culture show named ' Curious Culture '.   

Many of my  artwork have been acquired  locally and nationally and found homes to international collectors . 

I'm a self-taught artist based in Cape Town , South Africa.

View my portfolio on Saatchi Art .

Instagram - pillayart

 Exhibitions and Shows  

                2005   SA Culture Week at  South African Embassy in Helsinki , Finland  


               2005   One-of-Kind Exhibition - Gallagher Estate , Midrand

               2005   SA  Fashion Week , Collaboration Fashion and Craft Design , Johannesburg

               2004   FNB  Vita Crafts Now  Exhibition  -  Bus Factory , Newtown , Johannesburg

               2002    African  Earth  Exhibition - MuseuMAfrica ,  Johannesburg


                 2002   FNB  Vita  Crafts  Now  Exhibition -  MuseuMAfrica ,  Johannesburg   

                 2002   National  Craft  Imbizo , Ubuntu  Village - World  Summit  on  Sustainable  Development



       2011     Eastern Cape Artists Exhibition and book at Athenaeum Gallery , Port Elizabeth

       2010    ' Ekphrastic ' Transfiguration Paintings and Poetry Exhibition  - New Creations Gallery , PE                      

       2010     Soccer World Art Exhibition, Environmental Perspective - Walmer Park Mall, PE


       2008    Inspiring  Art  Exhibition  - Continental Cars , BMW Showroom , Port Elizabeth

       2008    Same Size, Same Price Exhibition - Picture This Gallery, Uitenhage  

       2007    Christmas Charity Exhibition - Walmer Park Mall , PE

       2006    Homemakers Expo  - Port Elizabeth Harbour

       2005   Three Artists  Exhibition - Cuyler Gallery

       2004   Bold and Abstract Exhibition -  Cuyler Gallery  

       2003    Knysna Arts Experience  -  Knysna Art Gallery  Knysna 

       2003   "Fired Earth " Ceramic Exhibition - Knysna Art Gallery , Knysna 

       2002   Ceramic  Exhibition  -  Cuyler  Gallery ,  Port  Elizabeth 

       2002    EPSAC  83rd   Annual  Exhibition  -  EPSAC  Gallery   -  now known as artEC

       2002   Garden  Route  Potters  Exhibition  -  Strydom Gallery ,   George 

       2001  Eastern  Province  Society  of  Arts  and  Crafts  Annual  Exhibition ,

                         EPSAC  Gallery, Port Elizabeth

       2001  'Black and White'  Ceramic Exhibition -  EPSAC  Gallery ,  Port  Elizabeth  

      2001  ' The Best of the Eastern Cape ' , Association of Potters of Southern Africa (Eastern Cape), 

                        Annual  Regional  Exhibition - King George VI  Gallery, Port Elizabeth


      2000  EPSAC  'Open House'  Exhibition -  EPSAC  Gallery , Port  Elizabeth

                             First Time Exhibitor Award 

     2000  'Frame It' Exhibition , (APSA) Eastern Cape -  Montage Gallery , Port Elizabeth 

    1999   'Renaissance Exhibition' , Dept. of  Arts and Culture , Annual  Regional  Exhibition -

                                            King  George  VI  Gallery, Port Elizabeth 

   1999    Association of Potters of Southern Africa (Eastern Cape) , Annual Regional Exhibition -

                                        King George  VI  Gallery , Port Elizabeth                     


  1998-1999    'Into Entsha'- Craft Exhibition - King George VI Gallery, Port Elizabeth 

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