Large textured  paintings on canvas. 

Art to enhance modern interior spaces. 

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destiny 2 textured abstract painting
- Destiny  2 - 

Acrylic , clay and grog on canvas.

Size - 140 x 70 x 4.5 cm

Price - R4750


Heavy textured abstract painting. The materials I used in this painting are acrylics, plaster, clay and varnish.

Gestural marks and incisions are drawn into the canvas surface.

It is stretched canvas around a wooden frame.

Destiny 1

Acrylic,  clay and plaster on canvas

Size - 140 x 70 x 4.5cm


Closer views of Destiny 1 - 

closer view of destiny 1 abstract painting
closer view destiny 1 texture abstract painting
textured abstract painting - Grounded
- Grounded - 

Acrylic, cement on canvas.

Size - 140 x 70 x 4.5 cm


This abstract painting I used heavy textured layers. Symbolism and mark-making incised into paint.

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