Artist painting  in studio -

artist painting in art studio. Large commission painting.

Artist in abstract painting action.

Large commissioned painting

Here is the space where all creativity is borne.  After constructing and preparing  my own stretched canvas's  the challenge is always that first mark.  Sometimes I start painting with-out any preconceived ideas.  Allowing my subconscious/intuition to lead the way. 

The painting process is a combination of broad brush-strokes ;  pouring ; spreading , scraping away to reveal .  This period is where my  concentration and actions are  focused on the process, which can be intense.

Colours and built-up of texture communicate a  sense of  feeling your way  until a direction is found.  Some-times you need to disengage and walk away from the painting , then come back to it later.

This is finally slowed down to add the subtle detail or focus area in the painting.

Often text is used in some works to further engage in the visual language.

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